Kim Van Mourik

"I am a nurse with over ten years of experience, a health coach, and someone who believes that anyone’s life can be optimized by learning how to care for your body and bringing intentionality into daily life.

I completed my training to be a health coach with the goal of personal enrichment and satisfying my curiosity. I learned so many incredible things through the program and had the experience of personal healing from chronic eczema, natural weight loss, and improved energy and mood. My experience lit a passion within me to become a health coach to help others discover how much better life can be!"

Founder and Health Coach


Reaching your health goals is my focus

I want to help men and women who are struggling to figure out what health is and how to achieve it! I have had success working with clients to get a handle on high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and leaving that extra poundage behind once and for all.

"My ongoing nursing career in cardiac surgery allows me to approach a healthy lifestyle from the blended perspectives of modern medicine and holistic health. Helping people recover after heart surgery made me especially moved by the statistic from the World Health Organization (WHO) that 80% of deaths related to cardiovascular disease could have been prevented!"

Kim Chamberlain

A core belief taught at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is called bio-individuality, which means that each person is unique and has different needs and values. I adhere to this mentality and expect each client to have different health goals, dietary preferences, and ways of exercising. Bio-individuality recognizes that there is no one size fits all approach to dieting.

My program is the furthest thing from the classic approach of counting and burning calories. If you are interested in seeing how personalized health coaching can change the trajectory of your life, click the link below to schedule a free consultation with me!

Do so in a way that works for you

macro shot photography of pink flower
macro shot photography of pink flower